Specialist Cheryl Sakurai(桜井シェリー)

Current Projects:                        

・After co-developing the bilingual tourism website ‘www.numazu-life.com’, I am now managing and updating its contents.

・5 years ago I started the ‘LEN International Language Exchange Group’ - the very first of its kind in Shizuoka prefecture.

 We have people from around the world who attend and support our work for the community.

・I also hold a number of events for the community, such as charity events, international workshops, sports, and dance events.

・I advise business owners of efficient ways to globalise their businesses by conducting seminars, training and translation

 (for their websites, menus, manuals, documents, etc.)




・5年前に『LEN 沼津国際交流グループ』を作り、毎週の水曜日に国際交流会を行っています。







Business content:      業務内容

・International Business Consultant                                ・インバウンドアドバイザー

・Bilingual teacher (English and Japanese)                 ・バイリンガル教師

・English seminars                                                              ・英語のセミナー 

・Training, lessons                                                              ・研修・レッスン

・International language & cultural exchanges             ・国際交流会

・Workshops                           ・ワークショップ

・Event organiser                                                                 ・イベント主催者

・Translator and interpreter (English and Japanese)    ・翻訳者・通訳者(英語 、日本語)

・Dance instructor                                                               ・ダンスインストラクター




・A variety of dance genres (Latin dancing, Hula dancing, K-Pop dancing, ballet, Zumba, etc.)


・Snowboarding and skiing

・Snorkelling and diving


・Learning new languages